Nova Scotia Public Service LTD: Manulife Denial

Manulife denied my claim. What do I do now?

Getting denied much needed long-term disability benefits is never good. Rather than getting hung up on the decision which you may think is wrong and unfair, channel your energy into working on the next step up the appeal process. In the case of a claim under the Nova Scotia Public Service Long Term Disability Benefits Plan, you will be making an appeal to the Plan office.

The letter from Manulife will advise of your appeal rights. The letter states “you may appeal this decision by writing to the Board of Trustee within 30 days of the date of this letter”.

The letter further advises that “this right of appeal is the only recourse that you have, as the Plan does not permit you to sue in the Courts for a denial of benefits; based upon the Plan administrator’s decision that you are not disabled.”

Step 1: Request your appeal immediately

The request for the appeal must be sent to:

NSPS LTD Plan Board of Trustees
C/O Manulife Financial
Atlantic Regional Group Claims Office
2727 Joseph Howe Drive
PO Box 1030
Halifax NS B3J 2X5

Step 2: Request Manulife’s file materials

Be sure to request a copy of the documentation on which Manulife’s decision was based. This information will be very helpful as it will allow you to understand Manulife’s position. A careful read of the file is an excellent starting point to make your arguments

Step 3: Learn about the Appeal Board process under the Nova Scotia Public Service LTD Plan.

Check out our blog post about the Appeal Board process. Be sure to properly prepare for the hearing. Some people may be better off getting a lawyer involved to review their claim and offer advice.

Jeff Mitchell is an experienced Long Term Disability Benefits Lawyer who knows the  NSPS Plan and has appeared before the Appeal Board. Call 902.442.8853 or email us today to book your free consultation with Jeff.

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