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Birth Injury claims are complex. We can help you and your family to access much needed compensation and support.

No one ever anticipates getting into a car accident. The aftermath caused by an accident is overwhelming and the hurdles involved in the insurance claim process are often discouraging. These obstacles occur when you should be taking care of your injuries, and focusing on your medical recovery.

We understand the long to-do list after an accident. Plans must be made for your family members, employer, your healthcare, and your vehicle. A good lawyer will take much of the weight off of your shoulders by being the point of contact with the insurance company.

If you’ve been in an accident, you know that the insurance company will call asking about your injury claim. If you choose to handle your claim without help from a car accident lawyer, be very cautious when speaking with the insurance company



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We encourage you to speak with us before speaking to an insurance company. Find out the important legal impact of routine discussions with your insurance company, for example:
  • 1. Should you give a statement?
  • 2. Should you comment on your injuries?
  • 3. Do you have a “minor injury”?
  • 4. What treatment you need?
The answers to these questions, and many others, have a direct impact on your injury claim.
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