Jeff Mitchell

Jeff Mitchell

Principal Lawyer & Founder

We’re Atlantic Canada’s Only Firm With a Doctor


Personal injury claims are advanced because of injuries. Lawyers know the law, but they didn’t go to medical school. And, since many of our cases require medical expertise, we’re the only law firm in Atlantic Canada with a doctor.


Dr. Laura Mitchell is a practicing emergency room physician with special training in occupational medicine. NOVA Injury Law supports our clients’ claims with the most complete, accurate, and convincing medical evidence.

About us

NOVA Injury Law, located in Bedford, NS, is a personal injury law firm. We provide approachable, responsive, and compassionate representation to victims of car accidents, slip & falls, long term disability benefits denial, birth injuries, brain injuries, property damage, medical malpractice, and faulty products. We’re the only law firm in Atlantic Canada with a Doctor on the team.

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