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Do I Have to Pay Insurance Premiums While I’m on LTD?

While you are approved for long-term disability benefits your insurance premiums for Long Term Disability and Basic Life insurance benefits are most likely waived. Be sure to check the wording of your specific policy. Insurance premiums for other insurance policies are not typically waived while a worker’s claim for disability is approved. Common premiums that are not waived include: life insurance, accident death and disability insurance, and critical illness insurance. This means that you have to continue paying for each insurance benefit if you want to be covered. Health and Dental benefit insurance premiums are also payable during the course of most policies. Most often the coverages are for extended health benefits, prescription drug plans, dental plans. Contributions to a pension plan are typically waived while you are receiving disability benefits. Pensionable service time most often continues to accrue while the disability claim remains approved. Once again, it is best to confirm what payments are waived by checking the policy wording for your Long-Term Disability Plan.

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