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Brain Injuries are very serious. We help brain injury victims and their families after and accident or injury.

A serious injury to the head is precisely that – serious. The aftermath caused by a brain injury can be overwhelming, so we work to provide a stable support system and legal expertise to our clients.

Brain injuries can range from a concussion to a severe traumatic brain injury. Sometimes symptoms of a brain injury don’t emerge until weeks or months after the accident, while other symptoms will be noticeable right away. Some people will completely recover while others will be left to deal with ongoing lifestyle adjustments as a result of their injury. At NOVA Injury Law, our firm is dedicated to advancing claims for brain injuries that are caused in a variety of ways.



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    A brain injury can create many challenges for a person. Some examples include experiencing dizziness, headaches, or having problems sleeping. Their short or long-term memory can be affected, or they could have mood swings and other emotional changes. Having to worry about your legal claim should not be another stressor for you and your loved ones; let us carry some of the weight.

    What makes our firm unique is that we work with an in-house medical doctor who consults on all brain injury files. This makes our process faster and more accurate.

    Our firm not only wants to maximize your claim but maximize your recovery. We will work to have our clients benefit from a full range of rehabilitative services and compile the appropriate medical evidence to obtain the best result possible for you. Contact NOVA Injury Law today for your no-risk free consultation.

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