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NOVA Injury Law is committed to providing legal services to accident and injury victims. Our limited service offerings reflect the firms commitment to doing excellent work in a specialized area of the law. Click on the areas of service below to learn more. Not sure what help you need? Call us now 1-800-262-8104 or email for assistance.


If you have been injured in an accident involving a car, truck, bus, bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, or boat, get critical advice you need from an experienced personal injury lawyer now. 
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Long Term Disability

Can’t work because of a physical or psychological injury? We know how to get your disability benefits. You need an experienced lawyer in your corner.
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Accidents, Slips & Falls

Injuries can happen anywhere. If you’ve been hurt because of an unsafe area, you have a legal claim. Don’t leave your injury claim to chance. Get the legal advice you need today. 
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Loss & Damage Claims

We know how to advance claims for loss and damage. An experienced lawyer can recover what you have lost by representing you against the at-fault party. Book your consultation now. 
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Our brain is vulnerable to injury because of a strike to the head. Many brain injury victims need compensation to cover medical expenses and financial losses. You need an experienced personal injury lawyer in your corner. 
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A worst nightmare for any parent. Injury or birth trauma caused by a doctor or hospital worker error gives the family the right to compensation. We’re here to help you through the hard times.
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Medical Malpractice

Health professionals make mistakes. The consequences of those mistakes can have major negative outcomes for patients, including serious injury and death. We have the experience to advance your claim.
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Product Liability

When a product doesn’t work as expected injuries can result. If you have been injured by a malfunctioning, mislabeled, or defective product, contact us for a free consultation to learn about your rights.
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