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The law requires that property owners maintain a safe property for visitors. Despite the clear standard to which property owners are held, safety isn't guaranteed. In fact, property owners are often found to have deficiencies in their premises which are unsafe, and may lead to an injury.

Accidents, and slip & fall cases usually arise because the owner didn't realize a danger, or systems were not put into place to fix a potentially-dangerous situation. While the property owner may not have intended for someone to get hurt, an injury claim can be pursued so long as the owner acted negligently. The question to be asked is whether or not the the premises was reasonably safe for a visitor.

If you have been injured because of an unsafe premises, you should contact our team to discuss the details of your case. We look forward to explaining more about Occupiers Liability law and reviewing the insurance coverage in place at the home or business through which your claim will be pursued.

Your access to benefits in a slip & fall claim are different than those applicable to a motor vehicle accident. Your lawyer is able assist you obtain access to available treatment and benefits under an applicable policy of insurance. Injuries from a fall can be just as severe as injuries from a serious car accident. In fact, because your claim is not a car accident case, you may be able to access higher levels of compensation for certain injuries. Major injuries can also occur, leaving the victim in hospital and exposed to potential surgery. In addition to physical injuries, victims are often left with serious mental or psychological effects from the incident.

No matter how severe your injuries are, be sure to access the help you need through an insurance policy when possible. The team at NOVA Injury Law can assist you through the entire process from the original injury through to the settlement of your claim.

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