Why Do I Need a Birth Injury Lawyer?

Birth injuries are one of the most devastating types of loss a family can suffer. All parents hope to bring home a healthy bundle of joy. Parents spend months (or even years) planning for their new addition.

However, medical malpractice or negligence that results in a birth injury before, during, or after delivery can propel new parents into uncharted, frightening territory. Children may ultimately succumb to their injuries, or they may become permanently disabled and require long-term care. Understandably, these injuries place heartbreaking physical, emotional, and financial burdens on the families they affect.

The symptoms of birth injuries can be wide-ranging and have the potential to severely impact your child’s life. They can manifest mentally through disorders like cerebral palsy or physically through symptoms such as paralysis, bleeding, soft-tissue damage, or nerve trauma. While there are several forms of birth injuries, a similar thread runs through them all: birth injuries typically are preventable. Often times, the healthcare providers who delivered the child failed to discharge their duty to anticipate and prevent potential problems throughout the delivery process.

If you believe your loved one experienced a birth injury, it is recommended you seek medical treatment right away. Timely medical care may decrease the probability that your child will suffer life-long damage from their birth injury.

Legally speaking, birth injury claims are challenging because ascertaining proper compensation is difficult. Determining losses is an intricate and complicated process when advocating for the youngest victims of medical malpractice. As there is no chance to re-evaluate the case after a settlement has been reached, birth injury claims must be handled with precision. To ensure your family is prepared to provide your child with the care they need, it is best to consult a personal injury lawyer with expertise in birth injury and medical malpractice. It is just not worth it to gamble with a legal claim that holds your child’s future care in the balance.

NOVA Injury Law’s founding lawyer, Jeff Mitchell, has successfully advanced birth injury cases in Nova Scotia. He understands the impact a birth injury may have on the victim and their family. Further, Jeff’s medical focus offers clients top-tier access to medical doctors to assist with diagnosis, care plans, recovery potential, and claim strategy.

Questions about a birth injury incident?

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