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As Birth Injury Lawyers, we know how much families need compensation and support after a tragic incident. The experienced legal team at NOVA Injury Law is ready to help.

As a specialized area of medical malpractice, birth injuries claims are some of the complex and significant claims an injury lawyer can face. No family ever anticipated that a birth injury would occur to their loved one.  Unfortunately, birth injuries do occur, and they leave parents feeling hopeless, heartbroken, and concerned about their future and that of their child.

NOVA Injury Law is dedicated to our single area of practice – Injury Law. Our experienced birth injury lawyers know the opportunities and pitfalls invovled when it comes to pursuing compensation after a tragic incident. When mistakes occur,  newborns and their families are entitled to compensation for injuries caused through negligence actions. The process is never early. Doctors, hospitals, and other health professionals mount a strong case brought against them – even if what happened was their fault. The result can be tough for the family. It’s out job to do the heavy lifting and get them the outcome they deserve.

You can expect that a birth injury claim against a doctor or a hospital  will take years to resolve. This is because the damages are often large and the specific points of negligence are really agreed. To help protect their clients, NOVA Injury Law offers a no win, no fee agreement. This means that our firm will build the case and go to trial without asking the client to pay for our work along the way. Our agreements are fair and crafted to give the family peace of mind that their claim is been handled to protect their right to compensation.

Make the decision to put NOVA Injury Law in your corner today! Take take advantage of a free case review now. During the process you’ll learn about your legal rights and how we can help you and your family win fair compensation for the short and long term consequences of a birth injury. 

Why trust NOVA Injury Law? We’re the only firm in Atlantic Canada with a doctor on our team. During the free case review you’ll meet with a lawyer and doctor to help you learn more about your claim and the medical case we will build for you. We’re confident that you’ll see our experienced birth injury team as the right fit for your claim.


The medical details surrounding birth injuries and negligence are critical to appreciating whether the claim will be successful. Lawyers don’t go to medical school, so NOVA Injury Law brought a practicing Emergency Room Doctor into the fold as our Chief Medical Consultant. Dr. Laura Mitchell works hand-in-hand with our legal team to appreciate the medical facts for all birth injury cases. This matters because birth injury victims and their families count on their settlements to pay for lifelong medical bills, costs of care, and to get the support they need.

The birth injury lawyers at NOVA Injury Law start by assessing every aspect of a birth injury claim. Once the case is made, we then work towards negotiating a result that makes sense for the family. We do everything possible to achieve the highest possible compensation for the family – because we know just how important it is to get it right.


Not all birth injuries are due to negligence. Our team assesses the facts of each case to find out whether the birth injury was a result of negligence by one or more people, be it a doctor, nurse, specialist, or other healthcare provider. Some birth injuries will be relatively minor in nature, while others can have long lasting effects. Here are some examples:
– Broken bones during delivery
While must bony injuries heal, babies can be left with deformities and issues with bone development in later life.

– Cerebral Palsy
Cerebral Palsy happens when a baby is deprived oxygen during the labour and delivery process. Cerebral Palsy cause developmental delays that leave a baby with lifelong challenges and need for medical care.

– Brain Bleeds
Bleeding of the brain can occur due to the use of tools or method of delivery. These injuries can range from having mild to very severe complications for the newborn.

– Spinal Cord Injuries
Spinal cord injuries happen when a infant is improperly delivered. This sort of injury can prove detrimental to a child’s quality of life, causing difficulty moving normally as they age.

– Nerve Injuries
These injuries arise when a nerve is damaged during labor. A wide range of injuries are associated, leading to many different developmental and physical challenges.


Birth injuries often occur because of poor training, poor communication, failing to plan, or staffing issues. Mistakes do happen in the Prince Edward Island medical care system. We’re here to help when they occur.

Some potential mistakes that could occur are pre-birth include:

– Failure to properly diagnose a pregnancy, leading a doctor to prescribe a drug that can cause birth defects.

– Inadequate prenatal care by a doctor, including improper monitoring of the mother or the fetus.

– Failure to detect placental issues.

Birth Injuries can also be the result of mistakes made during the delivery process. Some mistakes that may occur during delivery include:

– Failure to properly respond to fetal distress during labour.

– Leaving the baby without oxygen for a prolonged period.

– Improper use of medical assistant devices leading to birth injuries.

Mistakes can also be made after the baby is born, this is known as improper neonatal care. Some neonatal care mistakes that may occur are:

– Failure to detect and treat jaundice conditions in a baby.

– Failure to properly monitor neonatal glucose for hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

– Failure to detect and treat infection in a timely manner.

–  Failure to properly manage surgery or other treatment needs.


Parents should contact a birth injury lawyer if they have any concerns about the treatment their baby or newborn received.

NOVA Injury Law offers free case reviews for all birth injury cases. Our process gives families the opportunity to consult with an experienced birth injury lawyer and medical doctor for free, and with no obligation.

For something as important as a child’s well-being, it is important to consult a birth injury lawyer as soon as possible. We start off every consultation by learning the facts, researching the medical and legal issues, and giving you our honest legal and medical opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of the case.

We represent birth injury victims without any up front costs and we are  only paid a fee when we win the case. We eliminates the financial hurdles in pursuing a birth injury claim. Birth injury claims often take years to complete due to the complexity and importance of the claim. The birth injury lawyers at NOVA Injury Law are aware of the burden this can place on families. By taking and building cases at no upfront cost to clients, we allow families to seek justice for their injured baby, without incurring more stress.


Unfortunately, no, not all birth injuries lead to compensation for victims and their families. In order to be entitled to compensation, your lawyer will need to prove that a medical provider’s treatment fell below the standard of care and that the error caused damage. 

Showing a poor outcome is not enough. Our legal team will review the facts of the case and provide you our opinion about the strength of your case – all at no cost.


Aside from the Free Case Review and contingency fee agreement, NOVA Injury Law offers something that other Atlantic Canadian firms do not – we are the only birth injury lawyers in Atlantic Canada with a doctor on the team. Dr. Laura Mitchell is a practicing emergency room physician with special training in occupational medicine. This allows the birth injury lawyers at NOVA Injury Law to properly support birth injury claims with the most complete, accurate, and convincing medical evidence. Put our experienced team to work for you today.

NOVA Injury Law is a firm made up of families. We want to help families through the worst days of their lives so that they can recover the compensation needed to make the most of their future and enhance their quality of life.  We’re in this together from Day 1. 

If one of your loved ones has been the victim of a birth injury, contact the birth injury lawyers today at NOVA Injury Law today.


There is absolutely no risk and nothing to pay until your case is won. 

Give us a call, or send us an email today. We will get in touch with you immediately. There is no pressure or downside.

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