Long term disability results from chronic conditions like arthritis, asthma, depression, orthopedic injuries and many more. In this article you will learn about long term disability, filing a claim and its coverage benefits.If you are suffering from long term disability and wrongly denied of long term disability coverage in Halifax, call NOVA Injury Law today for FREE CASE ASSESSMENT  at 1-800-262-8104

Understanding Long Term Disability Coverage

Everyone wants to stay positive and not worry about the “what ifs” in life. But we also all know the importance of planning for hard times, and people who purchase long term disability insurance or have it available through their workplace are doing just that. No one starts working with the expectation that they will be disabled, but it will happen to a small percentage of workers every year.

Chronic health conditions that can result in long term disabilities include arthritis, asthma, depression, anxiety, orthopedic injuries, respiratory disorders, neurological disorders, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and others. If you are suffering from one of these chronic conditions or something similar, and you’re facing the prospect of a long term disability claim, it’s important to understand your options and how to protect your claim.

Who can file for long term disability claim?

Anyone who claims long term disability benefits should attend regular appointments with their doctor, nurse practitioner, or health care professional. Follow-up appoints or specialist consultations should occur as soon as possible. It’s also completely normal to seek a second opinion from another doctor if you’re concerned about your care or treatment recommendations. If you’re wondering about your long-term disability benefits, you should request a copy of your insurance policy. A summary or “benefits at a glance” booklet will provide you with an overview of your benefits – but not the fine print.

If you don’t understand your policy, seek legal advice. It is always important to keep medical records. LTD claimants should obtain and keep all records concerning their health condition. I usually suggest keeping a journal to log each appointment and record impacts of your disability at home and at work. These documents will be important during the long-term disability claim process to support your entitlement to LTD benefits.

Do I need to seek legal advice for my long term disability coverage?

If you feel like you have been wrongly denied your entitlement to benefits, NOVA Injury Law provides a free case review. You’ll learn about your case, what we think about your claim, and our opinion on the best way for you to move forward. Remember, don’t wait until you need benefits to understand what benefits you have. Many people wait until they have been fired or laid off to examine what benefits they had.

Your right to access LTD benefits may be impacted by your work status. Be sure to speak to a long-term disability lawyer before you leave work, or as soon as possible.
If you have questions about your coverage or claims, contact NOVA Injury Law today at 1-800-262-8104. We offer free case reviews, and we’re here to help!