How much is your disability payment under the LTD plan?

For claims arising from December 31, 2015, and on, the maximum bi-weekly disability payment for an employee covered by the Agreement is 70% of the employee’s normal salary. No more than $2,000 will be paid bi-weekly.

Contributions under the Plan usually made by the employee are waived while that employee is receiving disability payment from the Plan.

An adjustment for living costs may be considered from time to time by the Plan. Adjustments are made based on the Consumer Price Index for Canada.

When will my disability payments end?

Benefit payments will end when the occurrence of one of the circumstances below:

  • the last day of the month in which the employee attains 65 years of age;
  • returning to work;
  • death of the employee;
  • the date the employee is no longer qualified as disabled as it is defined in the Plan;
  • the last day of the month in which the employee attains 60 years of age, if the employee elects
    to exercise early retirement provisions under the Public Service Superannuation Act;

Of the above, the most common reasons for payments ending is due to Manulife’s determination that you are not (or never were) disabled, or you’ve reached the end of the benefits term at age 65.

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