It is well known that Covid-19 is having a massive physical and emotional toll on employees. The damage to our health and economy is not merely statistics – it is the lives of those harmed. In the coming months and years ahead, we will begin to see the full toll that Covid has on the long-term health and well-being of Canadians.

Another effect will be that employers and their insurers are going to see a large increase in applications for long-term disability benefits. Unfortunately, this uptick in claims will also lead to denials, many of which may be unjust or contestable.

The Situation for Employees

There are many uncertainties when a sick employee tries to decide if they can or cannot work. They do not know if they will be approved for long-term disability benefits, or how their employer will react to this news.

Employees who have already been laid off due to the financial ramifications of Covid may be too ill to return to work. In this situation, it may not be clear cut whether they have access to their employer’s disability benefits.

A disabled person knows best how they are feeling, and if they are in the position to return to work. The decision not to work is a significant one. Most people take great pride in their work, and it is not easy to step away, even when they know it is in their best interest.

The financial ramifications can also be severe. Rent and food payments do not stop, even when your wages do. Employees with families are in an even more precarious position.

Physical injuries can be difficult enough to prove as is, but it gets even more difficult when the disability is primarily psychological. Depression and anxiety can be even more debilitating than a physical illness, yet it can also be very difficult to prove, especially when it is greeted with skepticism by the employer or insurance company.

While the Covid-19 world is unprecedented, many of the issues involved in a successful LTD claim are not. Personal injury firms with experience in this area like NOVA Injury law are particularly well versed at guiding parties through the LTD claims process.

We know that you or your loved one’s decision not work was one of the most difficult choices you have ever had to make. The toll of Covid-19 will have long lasting effects on both the physical, and psychological health of many employees.

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