MSVU Grade Appeal

Do you think your MSVU final course grade is wrong?

At Mount Saint Vincent University, there is a system in place to appeal your final grade. The process is relatively straight forward and can be summarized in 4 steps:

Step 1: Speak to the course instructor.

You’ll want to explain why you final your grade should be different. Provide specifics. Refer the instructor to tests or assignments which you feel deserved a higher grade. If your efforts to change your grade are unsuccessful, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Request a Grade Analysis

A student can request that their professor complete a Grade Analysis. The Grade Analysis merely confirms that all grades submitted have been accurately recorded. This process is only arithmetical, not a substantive review of the content.  Proceed to Step 3 is the matter is not resolved.

Step 3:  File an Academic Appeal Form

You are now going to file an Academic Appeal Form with the Registrar’s Office.  The appeal must be filed with the Registrar within two weeks performing the two steps above.

The appeal form is available from the Registrar, or here.

Your appeal form will be sent to the Chair of the Department, the Dean of the Faculty, and the Professor of the course. The first step of an Appeal would involve a Grade Analysis if it was not conducted (see Step 2 above). If the Grade Analysis reveals a counting error, the error is corrected.

If the Grade Analysis, or the new grade, does not resolve the issue, a re-read of the student’s coursework occurs. The re-read involves assessment of all work, including the final examination. It is the student’s responsibility to provide all papers, reports, exercises, or other grades material at the time of the application. If the documentation is not provided, it will not be included in the re-read.

NOTE: the re-read process requires the student to forfeit their original grade. The re-read process will result in a new grade (the same as the original grade, a lower grade, or a higher grade).

Upon receipt of your appeal form, the Registrar will provide copies of your appeal package to the Department Chair (or Dean if the Chair is the course instructor. The re-read will be conducted by two professors selected by the Chair (or Dean as needed). The result of the appeal, with supporting reasons for the decision, will be communicated to the student within three weeks of the request for a re-read.

The result of the reread is final. There is no further right to appeal.

Need help?

We have experience with student academic appeals. Should you need assistance, please contact our Jeff Mitchell for information and advice. Call toll-free: 1-855-670-1345 or 902-702-3452.

We wish you every success with your studies.