Minor injury cap in Halifax Nova Scotia is $8,911. What qualifies as a “minor injury” is complex. Seek legal advice before settling your claim. Each year, the Nova Scotia Government sets a limit on some car accident injury claims. Subsequently, the “Minor Injury Cap” applies to “minor injuries’ sustained in car accidents that happen during that year. The 2020 Nova Scotia Minor Injury Cap is $8,911, a $143 increase from the 2019 cap.

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, remember, the cap does not limit other aspects of your injury claim. For example, claims for wage loss or out of pocket expenses are not limited by the cap. Often, people are lead to believe the nature of their injury makes them a “cap case,” meaning their claim is capped at $8,911. Don’t take the insurance adjuster’s word for it! A lawyer’s job is to present the full picture of the injury and its impact. Remember, do not accept a “capped” settlement when you’re actually entitled to a lot more.

What injuries fall under the 2020 Nova Scotia Minor Injury Cap?

The legal definition of a “minor injury” is complex. So, it’s wise to speak to a lawyer to determine if the 2020 Nova Scotia Minor Injury Cap applies to your claim. The legislation defines a minor injury as one that:

  • Does not result in a permanent serious disfigurement
  • Does not result in a permanent serious impairment of an important bodily function caused by
    continuing injury which is physical in nature
  • Resolves within 12 months following the accident

Does the 2020 Nova Scotia Minor Injury Cap Apply to My Injury Claim?

Healthcare professionals determine whether or not the Minor Injury Cap applies to your claim. Typically, they complete specific forms and send them to the insurance company. Later, insurance adjusters assess the forms to understand the extent of the injuries. Accordingly, NOVA Injury Law works with healthcare professionals to ensure they understand the impact their work has on claim amounts. Of course, your health must remain your priority. So, addressing your injuries and receiving proper treatment should be your first concern. Therefore, if you have questions regarding the Minor Injury Cap, it’s best to speak to a car accident lawyer.

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