Eligibility for Coverage under the NSAHO LTD Plan

The Nova Scotia Association of Health Organizations (NSAHO) created a health and welfare trust fund, known as the NSAHO Long Term Disability Benefit Plan The Plan is directed by a Board of Trustees. Benefit payments are paid from the Trust, not the NSAHO or its officers or directors. The NSAHO Long Term Disability Plan is not run by an insurance company. The plan is administered by an insurance company, Manulife. Manulife’s role as the Claims Adjudicator is to receive, assess, and make decisions about long term disability claim under the Plan.

NSAHO Plan Eligibility Test:

Participation in the Plan is mandatory for Employees. Eligibility for the Plan assessed by two criteria:

a) three months of continuous service working over 28 hours

b) twelve months of work in a calendar year

Any employee covered by the NSAHO Plan is able to make a claim for disability benefits under the plan. There are some important terms to understand when assessing eligibility under the plan. Once the plan is effective, the worker’s eligibility is maintained so long as he/she continues to have permanent employment status with the same employer. The status will be maintained even if the hours fall below the minimum number of hours needed to be eligible initially. Ensuring that you are covered is Step 1 of the Long-Term Disability claim process. If you are covered, you then have to consider whether your claim for disability benefits will be accepted. To learn more about the test for disability that must be met in order to receive disability benefits, see our post about Total Disability.

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