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    The Doctor/Lawyer Team at NOVA Injury Law

    At NOVA Injury Law, we are personal injury lawyers with a doctor on our team. We handle car accidents, slip and falls, and other incidents that have resulted in injuries, losses, or disability in Sydney Mines and beyond.

    We’re a boutique injury law firm that’s uniquely designed to help injured Capers get fair compensation for their injuries. Our unique doctor/lawyer team means we build claims on medical facts.

    We know that injury claims can be overwhelming for victims and their families. We handle all the legal aspects of the process so our clients can focus on their recovery.

    We offer free case reviews. Our goal is to help injured people in Cape Breton, or anywhere else in the Maritimes, understand their rights, make informed decisions, and obtain fair compensation for their injuries.

    Cases We Handle

    Car Accidents

    If you have been involved in a car crash, our experienced personal injury lawyers in Sydney Mines can help you recover losses resulting from the incident and reduce the hassle and complexity associated with filing a claim. We’re ready to help you learn more about your rights and options and answer any questions about your car accident injury claim.

    Long Term Disability

    Have you been denied long term disability benefits? Improperly completed forms, missed deadlines and misinformation can put your benefits in jeopardy. Our long-term disability lawyers will gather all the facts to fight your case so you can receive complete and fair compensation. Speak to our long-term disability lawyer representing disabled workers in Sydney Mines today for answers to your questions.

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    If you sustain injuries from a fall that was caused by negligence, be it by a person or business, you may benefit from the experience of a slip and fall lawyer. We can work with you to determine how much your claim is worth and walk with you step by step to ensure you get fairly compensated for all the losses and injuries you sustained.

    Loss & Damage Claims

    Has another party’s negligence led to significant losses or damage to your property or assets? We can file a claim to get recovery compensation for any losses or damage. Reach out to our experienced team today to find out the next steps.

    Brain Injury

    At NOVA injury law, we routinely deal with insurance adjusters, defence lawyers, and even physicians who handle traumatic brain injury cases. We know how to build a strong brain injury case with tactics employed by insurance companies to combat such claims and the amount paid to brain injury victims. We use top rated medical experts and legal expertise to protect our client’s brain injury claims while fighting for fair treatment and full compensation.

    Birth Injury

    We have experience representing birth injury victims and their families. We know what it takes to make a build a strong case to support the medical foundation of the case and show the significance of the impact over the long term. Our goal is to obtain the compensation the birth injury victims and their family will need to ensure a high quality of life. Our birth injury lawyers are professional, compassionate, and dedicated to working closely with the family until the case is resolved.

    Medical Malpractice

    Were you injured as a result of a medical malpractice? We represent patients who have been injured and family when a loved one has passed away as a result of the negligence of a doctor, nurse, hospital, or any healthcare professional. Our goal is to ensure that those at fault at held accountable for medical errors while providing much needed compensation for the injury victims and loved ones dealing with the aftermath of the medical negligence.

    Product Liability

    Have you been hurt by a defective product? At NOVA Injury Law, our experienced team represents those who have been injured by manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers who expose consumers to unsafe and defective products. We can help you bring a legal claim against those who are liable for the injuries sustained.

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      When involved in a car accident, you may not understand the next steps to file a successful claim while also protecting your rights along the way. Our job is to ensure each step of your car accident claim protects your right to recover compensation for your injuries.  

      When an insurance adjuster contacts you, are you sure you know what to say? In the moments after a car accident, your focus should be taking care of your injuries and not dealing with insurance adjusters. In fact –  we just not speaking to the injury adjuster if you’re considering hiring a lawyer to deal with your car accident injury claim. At NOVA Injury Law, we are the contact point for the injury adjuster so that we can handle the legal aspects of your car accident claim while you focus on your recovery.

      Our experienced car accident lawyers will fight for you until you have been fairly compensated for your injuries.  We begin every case by helping you understand your options in the claim process. This is important to establish early on so you know what to expect at each step. We will then gather evidence to show who was at fault in the accident, and determine the amount of compensation you deserve for your injuries. When assessing the claim, we consider all losses, including pain and suffering due to the car accident, as well as past and future economic loss, lost opportunities, and impacts felt at home. Your injury lawyer will make the legal process smooth and effective so you can focus on your recovery and feel confident that your rights are being protected.

      Have you sustained injuries after a car accident? Consult our car accident lawyer today to review your case for free.


      Wondering if you or a loved one is eligible for long term disability? Has your claim been denied? We can help.

      Our long-term disability lawyers will gather all medical evidence needed to support your disability claim. We are the only law firm operating in Sydney Mines with a practicing physician as part of our team. This experience is invaluable as it bring medical experience to our firm, and you, without delay. With the help of in-house physician, Dr. Laura Mitchell, our clients receive the best legal and medical advice to support their claim.

      Our goal is to gather evidence to support why our client cannot complete the duties of their own occupation, or any other occupation. We have claims against all major disability insurance and know what it takes to gather and present compelling medical evidence to show the true impact of your injuries.

      Unsure if you qualify for disability benefits? Call us for a free policy review now. If you have applied and been denied, or cut off from your disability benefits, consult our disability lawyers today to understand your options and how to move forward.


      At NOVA Injury Law, we take pride in being one of the top-rated injury law firms in Sydney Mines and the Cape Breton area. We’ve worked with injury victims for many years helping them to understand their rights and options while pursuing injury claims with great success. We know you have options when it comes to hiring an injury law firm. Here are 10 great reasons why you should trust NOVA Injury Law with your injury or disability claim.

      Our law firm has a practising doctor as part of the team

      No two people are the same. No two accidents are the same. Every case involves unique facts that need solid advice from legal and medical experts to get it right. Lawyers didn't go to medical school - so that's why we have a doctor on our team to help advance our clients' personal injury claims.

      Dr. Laura Mitchell is an Emergency Room Physician and is the firm's Chief Medical Consultant. Her medical expertise helps the legal team appreciate the nature and extent of injuries fully and ensure that our clients receive fair compensation for their injuries. At NOVA Injury Law, we have the right team in place to support those that have been seriously injured.

      We come with the skills and resources to fight insurance companies

      Insurance professionals will scrutinize any claim you make to disqualify you from compensation completely or to pay you as little as possible. They have access to vast resources, such as medical and legal professionals, who will work hand and hand with the insurance industry to fight for you.

      The worst part is that the reports insurance companies commission are often biased and not persuasive. These reports are used as a tactic to push injury victims towards low-ball settlement offers. If you do decide to fight back, it can cost thousands of dollars to hire an expert of your own.

      When you hire NOVA Injury law, we pay the expert expenses for you. We make sure that you have the professional opinions necessary to maximize the value of your claim. Let the experts work for you, not just against you.

      Serving clients in our own community

      Jeff Mitchell, the firm founder, and Principal Lawyer was born and raised in Nova Scotia. Jeff knows that Atlantic Canadians expect honest advice and great service. At NOVA Injury Law we strive to exceed expectations.

      Jeff and his wife, Dr. Laura Mitchell are raising their family in Nova Scotia. Our team at NOVA is made up of proud Nova Scotians, from near and far, who exemplify the spirit of East Coast Hospitality. Our Nova Scotian roots go deeper than our name, it is in our culture and people.

      Easy legal representation that’s available 24/7

      We are open, honest, and available to our clients. We take client service seriously because we know how important it is to get timely answers to your questions. We have 24/7 dedicated chat support and take questions by phone, email, facebook, text, and more. If you have questions, we have answers. Let us know how we can start helping you today.

      Consider yourself part of a family

      Jeff Mitchell, along with his wife Dr. Laura Mitchell, run NOVA Injury Law like a family business. Jeff and Laura, are connected to the people they serve. They know how people deserve to be treated and do their best to deliver on promises. At NOVA Injury Law, we strive to prove the highest level of legal service and client support from Day 1 until the case is finished. Our former clients are our best ambassadors and the source of many of our current clients. We are very proud of this and look forward to helping our clients through a difficult time in their lives.

      We take care of all your legal interests

      Healing and recovery are our clients' top priorities after an accident. Unfortunately, many find dealing with the insurance claim frustrating, confusing, and stressful. At NOVA Injury Law, our goal is to take the stress out of the legal process. We want our clients to focus on their recovery. Learn why clients hire us to focus on the legal matter while they focus on attending treatment and healing.

      We have a good reputation

      Ultimately, what our clients say about us matters just as much as what we say about ourselves. We have dozens of reviews from real clients! We encourage you to read our Google reviews for a first-hand look at the professionalism, customer service, and the type of results we consistently deliver.

      No upfront cost needed to hire our firm

      Hiring a personal injury lawyer is a big decision, but cost should never be a determining factor. At NOVA Injury Law, our firm doesn't ask our clients to pay any upfront costs. We only charge a fee once a claim has reached a successful settlement or judgment. Our clients love this model because we're on the same team from Day 1.

      We care

      Our team dedicates their time every day to learning details of each clients' case. The impact of the accident on each injury victim and their family is unique. By taking a personalized approach, we are able to build connections and ensure that know the full extent of our clients' losses and how we can help through our legal strategies.

      We only practice personal injury law

      By focusing on assisting personal injury victims, our firm has an in-depth knowledge of the law. We have been able to develop the right processes and strategies to successfully negotiate personal injury and accident claims.