Help: I’ve Been Injured by a Faulty Product! What Do I Need to Know?

Any lawyer will tell you that one of the oldest rules of negligence law is that the manufacturer of a product has a responsibility to ensure that it will be safe for people who will ultimately use or consume the product. Any failure to do so is a blatant breach of the standard of care a manufacturer owes to the general public.

If a faulty product, service, or device injured you or someone you love, you may be entitled to compensation for the losses you sustained. A consumer good that you purchased at a local store may have caused your injury. It might have occurred because the manufacturer failed to give adequate warnings or instructions for the product. Or, it may have arisen from a faulty or defective medical device. All of these instances may warrant a Product Liability claim.

For example, when manufacturers recall their products, they are addressing their legal obligation to warn consumers that their product may cause harm or not work as intended. We have all seen it: several times a year, certain food products or makes of vehicles are recalled. Thankfully, must of us have not purchased the product or used the product in a way that may cause injury. But what about those who are not so fortunate?

If a faulty product has harmed you, it is vital you keep the receipt and the purchased product. Likewise, for poor services or medical devices, hang on to all paperwork for the treatment or service. If possible, take photos and save as many details as you can. This information will help us tremendously during our claim-building process. You should also report the issue to the Canadian Consumer Product Safety Act as well as to the Manufacturer or Retailer.

Most importantly, be sure to seek out treatment for the injuries you have suffered. Your health is most important!

Know that the team at NOVA Injury Law is ready to advocate for you throughout your entire product liability claim. With tried and true experience negotiating product liability claims, we have the expertise and skill to ensure you are properly compensated for your losses.

Questions about a product liability claim?

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