Who is covered under the Nova Scotia Public Service Disability Plan?

The official document governing the agreement between the Nova Scotia Government and the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union (NSGEU) lays out the terms and conditions applicable to participating employers and plan members covered under the LTD Plan. Coverage is a term of employment. The following is the list of employers (as of the time of writing) that are covered by the Nova Scotia Public Disability Plan.

The intent of the Plan is to cover Civil Servants and other employees of the Province of Nova Scotia, along with other listed groups.

When are benefits not paid?

The Agreement excludes certain circumstances were benefits will not be paid. The list includes:

(a) disability suffered in the course of voluntarily participating in the commission of a crime;

(b) disability suffered as a result of an act of war or participation in a riot, except when carrying out the

duties of his/her occupation;

(c) intentional self-inflicted disability, or attempted self-destruction;

(d) disability where the employee is not under the care of and following the treatment of a licensed physician or medical specialist;

(e) pregnancy related illness during the pregnancy exclusion period as defined in the applicable collective agreement or as prescribed by the applicable provincial statute;

(f) disability which arose out of and in the course of employment and is deemed to result in a total loss of earnings capacity by the Workers’ Compensation Board;

(g) disability due to illness or injury which occurred after the employee was placed on layoff status;

(h) a disability commencing within the first 12 months of the effective date of coverage if the disability is directly or indirectly the result of an illness or injury for which medical treatment, services or supplies were received in the 90 day period prior to the effective date of coverage;

Coverage will also not be provided if the employee refuses to disclose information as required by Manulife or its specialists for the purpose of assessing the claim.

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