Making your second appeal under the Public Service Plan

Losing an appeal is never fun. In the case of the Nova Scotia Public Service Plan, your second appeal to Manulife is especially critical. Why? Because if you need to go to the Final Appeal stage to get disability benefits, you can only rely on evidence submitted in the appeals. This means that no new evidence can be brought to the Final Appeal stage if you don’t win this second appeal. Take full advantage of the second appeal opportunity in our to increase the likelihood of success at the second appeal stage, and to set yourself up for the best opportunity to win the Final Appeal, if needed.

The appeal is made in the same fashion is as you did for the first appeal. New information for Manulife to consider is to be sent directly to the person who is handling your appeal. Be sure to adhere to the deadline in the denial letter.

Manulife will once again review the information and provide a written decision letter. If convinced of your disability, Manulife will award benefits. If Manulife remains of the view that you are not entitled to benefits, you are left with the Final Appeal Stage as your only option. Be sure to read our post on the Final Appeal process.

What new information should I send to Manulife?

See this post about objective medical information if you did not provide new information to Manulife for your first appeal, or Manulife has noted that the information provided was not objective in nature.

It is essential that all of the information you may rely on at the Final Appeal is submitted. When in doubt, submit it to Manulife.

IMPORTANT: Contact a lawyer if you have any questions about the type of information you should submit for the second appeal. There is no opportunity to provide additional information once the deadline has expired.

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Be sure to contact us right away for a free case review. Ideally, we are providing you with our opinion before the second appeal to Manulife. If this appeal has already happened in your case, please be sure to let us know right away. Time limits apply to your claim and timely notice to complete the final appeal must be made. Jeff Mitchell is an experienced Long Term Disability Benefits Lawyer who has successfully advanced his client’s interests before the Nova Scotia Public Service Trust Fund. To book your free consultation, call toll-free: 1-855-670-1345 or 902-702-3452. Prefer to email?  Email Jeff at