Hurricane Dorian Injury Lawyers in Nova Scotia

The Hurricane Dorians Injury Lawyers at NOVA Injury Law know that damage and injury happen after a severe hurricane. Most damage will be property damages to cars and houses caused by trees branches falling and objects flying due to strong winds. Some examples of the damage can be seen in a post by the Weather Network. Unfortunately, accidents will happen and people are injured because someone failed to prepare properly for a storm, or acted negligently.  We are committed to protecting our clients and know much is at stake after an injury occurs. You can trust our lawyer to ensure you received the compensation you deserve. At NOVA Injury Law, we are proud to work for our clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that we will only get paid when we win your case. If we do not recover any money from your claim,  you do not owe us any legal fees. All of our clients commence with a free, no-risk consultation.  Please review the following frequently asked questions and call your the Hurricane Dorian Injury Lawyers at 1800-262-8104 for a free consultation about your legal rights:

Q: What types of claims usually happen because of  a hurricane in Nova Scotia?

A: Hurricane related injuries occur through various forms. Car accidents are common causes of injuries because drivers don’t except the full force of the wind or the impact of water on the roadway. Drivers can lose control of the vehicle are strike other cars or pedestrians. Other injuries occur due to flying objects not secured by home owners, including patio furniture, garbage cans, or other objects outside the home. Many people disregard the high wind warnings and fail to realize the common household objects can become projectiles if not secured. If you were the victim of a car accident, learn more about how we can help: car accident injury lawyers.

Q: What should I know about filing an injury claim arising from hurricane Dorian in Nova Scotia?

A: You should consult an injury lawyer immediately to determine your rights. The time limit to file your claim depends who was the cause of the negligence. Shorter limitation periods will apply if a government entity was the cause of the injury or damage. Limitation period aside, it is essential to ensure your claim is brought to the attention of the appropriate insurer early as an influx of claims can be expected. Providing the right information to the insurance company is also important to ensure that the claim is assessed correctly so that negotiations can be productive later on. Your Hurricane Dorian Injury Lawyers can be trusted to be the main point of contact with the negligence party and their insurance company. We suggest having your Injury Lawyers as the point of contact with the insurance to ensure your rights are protected. Jeff Mitchell is an experienced personal injury lawyer and has experience dealing with claims following a weather event. Learn more about NOVA Injury Law’s approach to injury claims.

Q: How can I protect my claim?

A: The best way to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries to be proactive in the early stages of the claim:

  • Take pictures of the cause of the damage or injury. Be sure to gather several angles and be cautious of shadows.
  • Take photos of the damage or injury (i.e. damage to property or personal injury)
  • Take notes about your call with the insurance adjuster
  • Keep a list of the impact of the injury in a journal
  • Gather copies of all receipts for all expenses related to the damages caused by the negligence

Q: What can I do if the at-fault party blames the accident on the hurricane?

A: If you are dealing with an individual, as opposed to an insurance company, you can expect him or her to blame the incident on the hurricane itself. Whether they know it or not, they may be relying on an Act of God defence to the injury or damage. This type of argument can be challenging to overcome, especially if you are not dealing with an insured person. Thankfully, most claims will involve some type of insurance, likely a car insurance policy or a homeowner’s policy. You can expect a professional claims person to review the claim. But be warned – the insurance adjuster will attempt to deny liability because of the exceptional nature of the weather event. Do not abandon your claim until you have consulted with a Hurricane Dorian Injury Lawyer family with Nova Scotia injury claims. Our Hurricane Dorian Injury Lawyers in Nova Scotia know how to protect your rights and access compensation from insured parties where possible. Be sure to arrange your free consultation today by calling 1.800.262.8104. If your claim is denied, you should seek legal advice. Do not rely on the insurance company to provide you with legal advice or information about your legal rights. Insurance companies attempt to avoid compensating injury victims due to a weather event when possible.

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