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    Nova Scotians have the right to make a motorcycle accident claim if they have been injured in motorcycle accident and someone else’s negligence or recklessness was the cause of their injuries. For example, if a motorcycle accident happens due to inattention, not following the rules of the road, or breaking the law, the insurance company for the at-fault driver will be responsible for compensating the injured person for their pain and suffering, financial loss, medical costs, and other losses.

    A great motorcycle accident lawyer is equipped to maximize compensation for the injury victim by using the law and evidence to show why the negligent driver was at fault, and that fair compensation is required to address serious injuries, lasting impairment, or worse.

    Compared to other motorists, motorcyclists face a higher risk of being seriously injured or killed in a crash. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders also account for a disproportionate amount of catastrophic injuries sustained on our roads and highways every year.

    The motorcycle accident lawyers at NOVA Injury Law work hard on behalf of injury victims. Hiring a personal injury lawyer from NOVA Injury Law is crucial for motorcycle accident victims who need fair compensation to cover their lost income, medical bills, and other expenses. With the right motorcycle accident lawyers, you can rest assured that your right to fair compensation is protected and advanced with skill and speed.

    If someone has been injured in a motorcycle accident, our motorcycle accident lawyers will start by evaluating their claim for free. Our free case review process allows injury victims to become aware of their rights and avoid critical mistakes early in the process that could limit compensation.

    For example, most accident victims have a two-year window from the date of the accident to settle their injury claim or file a legal action with the court. Waiting too long could prevent a victim from ever receiving compensation. Our motorcycle accident lawyers will explain their legal strategy to build your case while protecting your right to recover for pain and suffering damages, medical care costs, and other losses.

    We understand the stresses that often follow a motorcycle accident. Our clients often struggle to get through the day without pain, take extensive medications, and must consider other treatment options like physical therapy or surgery. Additionally, an inability to return to work can cause significant stress.

    The team at NOVA Injury Law are the motorcycle accident lawyers who handle the legal stress so injury victims can focus on their recovery. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, call NOVA Injury Law now for a free case review.

    Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

    Inattentive Drivers

    Unfortunately, and for a variety of different reasons, many drivers fail to see people riding motorcycles. This often leads to unsafe lane changes, rear-end collisions, or worse.

    Illegal and Unsafe Lane Changes

    When drivers execute unsafe lane changes by failing to use signals or checking blind spots, motorcyclists are at risk. If a driver does not see a motorcycle in the lane beside their car and starts to change lanes, the motorcyclist can be side-swiped or forced to maneuver to avoid being hit, which could then result in an accident.

    Dangerous Roadways

    Negligently engineered or poorly maintained streets and highways can cause serious accidents. Injury victims are entitled to pursue compensation from contractors, governmental bodies, and others charged with protecting public safety on the roads.

    HOW can a motorcycle accident LAWYER HELP?

    Motorcycle accident claims are built on the facts of the case. Careful documentation, witness accounts, and expert testimony is required to maximize the claim. Victims need to align themselves with a lawyer with an extensive network of physicians, engineers, accident reconstruction professionals, and others who can clearly explain complex medical issues and quantify what the claimant has lost. This quality of evidence often makes the difference in a final settlement or trial outcome.

    NOVA Injury Law is designed to provide motorcycle accident victims with confidence and peace of mind during their recovery and beyond. We speak the medical language and work closely with an extensive network of professionals. Contact us today for a free case review.

    How to Get Accident Benefits after a Motorcycle Accident

    In Nova Scotia, if someone is injured while on their motorcycle, they turn to their own auto insurance provider to cover their medical expenses related to the accident. This coverage is known as “accident benefits” or “Section B,” and the process of obtaining it can often be difficult and overwhelming.

    To help injury victims tap into their accident benefits, the motorcycle accident lawyers at NOVA Injury Law have provided this handy three-step guide to accessing accident benefits after a motorcycle accident injury:

    Step 1 – Get Treatment
    Your health must always be top priority. Seek emergency care if needed and visit your family doctor or local walk-in clinic as soon as possible to have your injuries properly assessed.

    Step 2 – Complete a Notice of Loss & Proof of Claim Form
    The insurance companies require you to complete a form before you can access accident benefits. In Nova Scotia, this two-part form is known as the Notice of Claim Form or NS-1 and you can download a copy here. Section 1 of the NS-1 requests information about you and the accident. Section 2 requests authorization for disclosure of your medical information to the insurance company. For our clients, we typically suggest that you do not provide an authorization to the insurance company and instead explain to the insurance adjuster that you will provide relevant information at their request.

    Step 3 – Have Your Primary Healthcare Practitioner Complete Your Treatment Form
    A doctor, physiotherapist, or chiropractor can complete a treatment form on your behalf. In Nova Scotia this form is known as the Treatment Form or NS-2 and you can download a copy of it here. It’s important that this form is filled out completely and accurately to avoid the potential for delay or being denied by the accident benefits insurer. 

    After you submit the two forms to the insurance company, they will assess the claim and approve or deny accident benefits. If your accident benefits claim is denied, or if the amount of coverage is inadequate, contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at NOVA Injury Law for a free case review.

    Legal Claims Against At-Fault Parties

    In the event of a serious injury in a motorcycle crash, accident benefits are often inadequate to cover the losses sustained due to someone else’s negligent acts or carelessness on the road. Accident benefits will not cover significant wage loss, long term medical costs, or pain and suffering damages, among others. Typically, motorcycle accident victims will need to file a legal action with the court in order to recover for their losses. A legal claim is brought against the at-fault party or parties.

    It’s important to present information regarding lost wages, changes in work capabilities and other types of losses to demonstrate the true amount of compensation to which an injury victim is entitled.

    When establishing damages in a motorcycle accident case, the injury victim’s lawyer must build the case based on medical records and other documentation pertaining to medical testing and treatment, therapy, rehabilitation services and out-of-pocket health expenditures.

    Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

    Motorcycle injury victims often suffer severe trauma because they are exposed to impact from other vehicles and the road. common injuries include:

    – Neck and back injuries

    – Fractures to the arms, legs, hips, feet, and ribs

    – Permanent muscle damages

    – Permanent nerve damage

    – Brain injuries

    – Concussions

    – Internal bleeding

    The value of a claim depends on the severity of the injuries and the extent of the impact they have on one’s life. The NOVA Injury Law free case review helps motorcycle accident victims assess their damages and the initial value of their claim. As the only Nova Scotian law firm with a doctor, our clients benefit from the unique combination of medical knowledge and legal experience.

    How Much Does a motorcycle accident lawyer cost?

    NOVA Injury Law offers contingency fee agreements for all types of claims. This means there is no upfront cost to pay. Legal fees vary and are based on a percentage of the settlement or the amount awarded at trial. We charge a percentage fee based on the stage of the case – so cases that reach an earlier resolution have a lower fee.

    Our fees typically range from 25% to 35%, depending on the province where the incident took place, and the type of case. We will explain the fee structure in detail before work begins, so clients know exactly where they stand.

    Another essential cost to consider is the expenses required to build your case. NOVA Injury Law covers the upfront costs for all expenses to support your case, including medical file costs, consultations with doctors, medical experts, engineers, financial experts, and expert reports. We try our best to have the at-fault party pay for all of these costs as part of the settlement in order to maximize our client’s total compensation.

    Before any personal injury case is settled, we give a clear breakdown of all fees and disbursements, so our client knows how much compensation they will have in their pocket once the case is finished.

    There’s no risk to getting a free case review from the seasoned motorcycle accident lawyers at NOVA Injury Law. Get yours now!

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