How Can A Lawyer Help You With a Slip & Fall Claim?

Do you know when to call a slip and fall lawyer to help you with your claim? You’ll quickly discover that slip & fall claims are complex and a lawyer dedicated to the practice of injury law is a necessity.

1. Guidance About Giving a Statement

A Lawyer knows when you should and shouldn’t give a statement to the insurance company. A statement can be used against you during the course of your injury claim. It is critical that you are prepared to give a statement. Be sure to speak with a lawyer before talking to the insurance company about your injury claim. The insurance company usually calls and asks to take a statement over the phone. If this happens, the statement is often recorded. You will be asked questions about the slip and fall accident itself, the severity of the accident, what pain you experienced, and how your symptoms have improved. The challenge we often encounter is when a client has given an unhelpful statement to the insurance company before hiring us to help with the claim. We often read the transcript and see that the client reported that symptoms have improved, that the injuries were minor, and that they expect to be in good health very soon. Unfortunately, this early statement is problematic when the recovery has taken longer, doctors are less optimistic about your recovery, and new symptoms arise that the injured person didn’t anticipate at the time of the statement.

2. Help To Get Medical Care and Guidance

They can help you get the help you need to recover. I’d call a criminal lawyer if I were in trouble with the law. I’d call a real estate lawyer if I had a dispute about property boundaries. Why? Because they work in that area of law every day. I’d call a lawyer specializing in this field because I can take advantage of their experience dealing with the same or similar issues. A personal injury lawyer should be the go-to answer for when it comes to injury claims. Some personal injury lawyers don’t work many slip & fall claims, favoring medical malpractice, class actions, or disability law instead. The law around occupiers’ liability law is increasingly complex. Why? Mainly because medical assessments are becoming increasingly complex and consequential to injury claims. More than ever before, lawyers are expected to understand medical terminology, read medical files, offer guidance to clients, and lead a medical case in support of their client’s claim. These tasks can be very challenging for a lawyer who is unfamiliar with personal injury law. Thankfully, NOVA Injury Law is on the cutting edge. We have a medical consultant assess each client case. Yes- we believe that a doctor is in the best position to assess a medical file. We can offer this to our clients because we have a dedicated practice in injury law. We encourage you to ask your lawyer whether your case will be reviewed by a doctor, at no cost to you.

3. Knowing How to Negotiate

They know how to deal with the insurance companies. A good personal injury lawyer can sort out when insurance companies are acting appropriately, and when a lawyer needs to intervene to ensure that the terms of an insurance policy are honored. Unlike other areas of law, most personal injury claims begin with an insurance adjuster on the other side. This individual works for the insurance company, not a law firm. The adjuster is not a lawyer. Often, a negotiation can lead to settlement of the claim without great difficulty. A good result is possible in some instances without starting a legal claim. A personal injury lawyer is familiar with the tactics deployed by various insurance companies when assessing the claim. Be sure to check with the lawyer and inquiry about your negotiation strategy. Do ask about the potential for a settlement at the insurance adjuster level (before the insurance company appoints a lawyer).

4.They know how to judge how much your claim is worth

One of the main reasons personal injury lawyers can achieve better outcomes in personal injury cases is because they know the compensation range appropriate for various types of injuries. Personal injury law is complex, and there are countless factors which impact the determination of a claims worth. Ultimately, the lawyer’s appraisal of the client’s pre and post-accident condition is critical to accurately assessing a claim. Once the claim is appraised, supporting medical evidence is required to support the injury claim. A properly constructed claim will clearly detail the health of the injured person before the incident, and chart the impact and effect of the injury to the individual in various areas of his or her life.

Are you ready to put an experienced personal injury lawyer in your corner?

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