Birth Injury claims are complex.

We can help you and your family to access much needed compensation and support.

Bringing home a happy and healthy newborn is every expecting parent’s dream. Hospitals, nurses, doctors and other healthcare providers are held to high standards of care to ensure families and infants receive exceptional treatment prior to, during, and after the delivery process. The stakes are high because the consequences of failing to provide proper care are severe.

At NOVA Injury Law, we know that being a parent of a child who has experienced a traumatic birth injury is an extremely trying and unsettling time.  You may have concerns about your child’s future healthcare. What adjustments will you have to make to the family home? Will your child be able to access the treatment they need?  How expensive will it be?

If your family has experienced a birth injury due to medical malpractice or negligence, you and your child are entitled to compensation for his or her future care. We know that any parent of a child who suffered a birth injury would choose a healthy baby over money if they were able to turn back time. While no amount of monetary compensation can alter your situation, it will ensure that your child will receive excellent care going forward. It will also remove some of the uncertainty you may be feeling.

Know that NOVA Injury Law will be in your corner throughout your entire birth injury claim. We are experienced and have proven success in this area of law. If you have doubts or questions, pick up the phone and give us a call. We offer a free, no-risk case assessment. We encourage you to take advantage of it.

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